Bond Health Empowers 70 CBS Naas Students with Dual Skin & Scalp Workshops

Bond Health recently conducted two impactful workshops at CBS Naas, engaging a total of 70 Transition Year students, facilitated by TY Coordinator, Stephen Coy. With a focus on skin and scalp care, the workshops aimed to provide essential knowledge and practical insights to empower the participants in their daily self-care routines.

The workshops, each with 35 attendees, covered the same content on skincare and scalp health. The first session delved into the fundamentals of maintaining healthy skin & scalp, with hands-on demonstrations and discussions led by our experts. The second session focused on the same overall content and topics, addressing common issues, and providing practical tips for optimal hair and scalp care.

Both workshops emphasised the importance of personalised care routines, debunked common misconceptions, and provided evidence-based practices. The interactive nature of the sessions allowed students to actively engage, seek personalised advice, and gain practical skills applicable to their unique needs.

Throughout both workshops, students displayed enthusiasm and active participation. The post-workshop feedback highlighted the positive impact of the sessions on the students’ perceptions of self-care. Many expressed gratitude for the practical insights gained, emphasising the workshops’ value in promoting holistic well-being. Kits were provided to all students which elevated the Q&A section of the workshop.

Bond Health’s dual skin and scalp workshops at CBS Naas successfully reached 70 Transition Year students, leaving an indelible mark on their understanding of personal grooming and holistic health. By delivering the same content to different groups, Bond Health ensured a broader impact, contributing to the cultivation of a generation that prioritises self-care and embraces the interconnections of well-being, coupled with protecting their mental health. We look forward to working with CBS Naas throughout 2024 and further a field as we arrange workshops with their remaining TY students.

The session took place on Wednesday, 06th December 2023


The Skin and Scalp Health Workshop by Bond Health was a great learning experience for our all-boys TY group. Expert insights and practical tips from Dee & Erica provided a clear roadmap for maintaining healthy skin. Engaging sessions and personalised advice instilled confidence, making it a must for any teen seeking lasting wellbeing. Highly recommended to guide students for a lifetime of skin and scalp care. The kits students received with samples of products and skin care accessories were fantastic and the cherry on the cake!

~ Stephen Coy – TY Coordinator

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