Bond Health Empowers Post-Primary Students with Skin & Scalp Health Talks


In a bid to prioritise students’ overall well-being, post-primary schools have teamed up with Bond Health to deliver straightforward and impactful talks on skin and scalp health. Recognising the importance of addressing dermatological concerns during adolescence, these sessions aim to equip students with practical knowledge and habits for maintaining healthy skin.

The Significance of Skin & Scalp Health:

The teenage years come with physical changes and increased social pressures that can affect skin and scalp health. Issues like acne and dandruff can impact students’ confidence and mental well-being. Bond Health is leading the charge in promoting healthy habits among students, acknowledging the vital connection between physical health and self-esteem.

Interactive Learning:

Bond Health’s experts, alongside educators, conduct interactive talks and workshops covering topics such as skin types, common conditions, and effective skincare routines. Students actively participate, sharing their experiences and learning from each other. These engaging sessions create a supportive atmosphere for addressing such concerns and foster a normality approach.

Expert Advice:

During the sessions, Bond Health’s, Dee Casey (Health Director) and Erica Cullen (Skin Aesthetics Specialist & Educator) , emphasise the importance of a balanced diet, hydration, and stress management for healthy skin. They also highlight the significance of regular cleansing routines and sunscreen use for protection against UV rays.

Student Involvement:

Encouraging students to share their skincare practices makes the talks more relatable. Practical kit-bags are provided which allow Student breakout sessions to take place, this practice encourages group discussion, creating a safe environment to consider and challenge shared common concerns.  Q&A is formulated much easier within small groups, adopting a balanced opinion, less focused on individual concerns and more group-wide.

Connecting Skin & Scalp Health to Mental Well-being:

The talks address the often-overlooked link between skin & scalp health and mental well-being. Bond Health emphasises how such issues can impact self-esteem and mental health, encouraging students to prioritise self-care and seek support when needed.


Bond Health’s collaboration with post-primary schools to deliver skin and scalp health talks underscores a progressive approach to education. By providing practical knowledge and tools for self-care, schools and Bond Health are empowering the next generation to navigate adolescence with confidence and resilience. These initiatives showcase the commitment of schools to nurture the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their students.

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