Bond Health Inspires Healthy Habits with Skin & Scalp Health Talk at Holy Child Community School

Bond Health had the pleasure of delivering an engaging and informative skin & scalp health talk at Holy Child Community School in Sallynoggin, facilitated by TY Coordinator, Nicole Collier. The talk was specifically tailored for Transition Year (TY) and Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) students, aiming to empower them with essential knowledge for maintaining healthy skin and scalp.
The session was designed to captivate the attention of TY and LCA students, offering practical insights and tips on effective skincare routines. Bond Health’s expert speakers, Dee & Erica, made the talk interactive and relatable, encouraging students to actively participate in discussions and share their own experiences.
The talk emphasised the importance of self-care in maintaining good skin and scalp health. Bond Health encouraged students to embrace a holistic approach that includes proper skincare routines, balanced nutrition, and stress management. By empowering students with practical and achievable steps, Bond Health aims to instil a sense of responsibility for their own well-being.
The talk received positive feedback from both students and educators at Holy Child Community School. The interactive nature of the session fostered a dynamic learning environment, sparking interest and curiosity among the students. Bond Health remains committed to supporting schools in promoting overall health and well-being among students.
Bond Health’s recent skin & scalp health talk at Holy Child Community School underscores its dedication to educating and inspiring young minds. By tailoring the session to the specific needs of TY and LCA students, Bond Health aims to leave a lasting impact on their understanding of self-care. As the initiative continues, Bond Health looks forward to further collaborations with schools to promote a culture of health and well-being among students.
The session took place on Thursday, 30th November 2023


Dee and Erica delivered an extremely useful and practical workshop to our students in Transition Year and LCA. They provided whole group discussions around the struggles teenagers encounter around scalp and skin care. Dee and Erica engaged in meaningful one to one conversation with students where they received plenty of advice and recommendations. Students received some lovely samples and an opportunity to book a free consultation with Bond Health on the students’ personalised skin/scalp care routine.

~ Nicole Collier, TY Coordinator at Holy Childs Community School.

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