Empowering Skin & Scalp Workshops by Bond Health for Dominican College Sion Hill Students

Empowering Skin & Scalp Workshops by Bond Health for Dominican College Sion Hill Students

Bond Health, through their expertise in skincare and hair care, conducted two enlightening workshops for 110 female students at Dominican College Sion Hill. These sessions were designed to educate and empower young women on effective skincare and scalp health practices.

Key Learnings:

Delivered by specialists from Bond Health, the workshops provided valuable insights into skincare routines tailored to individual skin types and maintaining a healthy scalp. Through interactive sessions, students gained practical knowledge and techniques for enhancing their skincare and scalp care regimes.

Empowerment through Education:

Under the guidance of Bond Health professionals, the workshops fostered a supportive environment where students felt encouraged to openly discuss their skincare concerns. By equipping them with essential tools and knowledge, the workshops promoted confidence and self-esteem among the participants.

Feedback and Impact:

Participants expressed appreciation for the expertise shared by Bond Health professionals and noted a significant uplift in their knowledge of skin and scalp care routines. The workshops left a lasting impact, empowering students to embrace their natural beauty and prioritise their well-being.


Bond Health’s skin and scalp workshops at Dominican College Sion Hill offered invaluable education and empowerment to female students. Through expert guidance and practical insights, these sessions inspired confidence and self-assurance, leaving a positive impact on the overall well-being of the participants.

The session took place on Wednesday, 17th April 2024


Bond Health visited our all girls school, Dominican College Sion Hill, for a talk with Transition Year students in April 2024 on skin and scalp care. The students were extremely impressed with the quality and clarity of the information provided to them in the talk and were extremely beneficial of the personalised advice given to them after the session. This was really important to the girls as they all felt that their individual needs and skin care concerns were listened to. Some students even booked a follow up session as soon as they got home that evening. After talking to the students they were all full of praise for the talk (as well as the goody bags) and were keen to get the team at Bond Help back for another talk. I cannot praise Dee and her team more highly for their approachability and professionalism. 

~ Patricia Mulholland – Acting TY Co-Ordinator

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