Microneedling Aftercare Advice – Best Products? Alcohol? Sunscreen?

What to Apply After Microneedling?

Your skin is very fragile after microneedling, so it’s best to keep products to a minimum.

We’d recommend using a small amount of green tea oil twice a day to soothe and protect your skin – you can also mix the oil with a bit of water so it spreads easier across the skin.

Microneedling creates small punctures in our skin which can cause us to lose moisture, leaving the skin feeling slightly dry, which is often known as Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

Green tea oil is a good ingredient to use in these situations as it naturally moisturises the skin to banish dryness and lock in moisturisers. It also contains Vitamin C which can help speed up skin recovery.


Can you Shower After Microneedling Treatments?

Yes, you can shower after microneedling treatments – it’s actually recommended. Your skin can sometimes feel dry and sticky after a microneedling appointment, so it’s good to rinse everything off with lukewarm water in the shower with a gentle cleanser.

If you used needles 1.5mm or longer, there could be some blood on your skin that needs to be rinsed off although, longer microneedles like this are not usually recommended.

It’s better to take a shower rather than a bath as there’s a lower risk of infection.


Can I Go To The Gym After Microneedling?

It is OK to go to the gym after a microneedling appointment, but you should be careful of the type of exercise you’re doing. Anything that involves a lot of sweating – like cardio – can increase the chance of your skin getting infected.

You should avoid doing any intense workouts at the gym for around 2 days if a 0.5mm derma roller was used during your treatment. If a 1.5mm or longer derma roller was used, you might want to wait up to a week.

It’s also best to avoid swimming for a couple of days after your procedure as saltwater may sting and chlorinated pools aren’t always the cleanest places.

Infections are normally rare when a 0.5mm derma roller is used, but swimming and intense exercise should still be avoided. If you’re in doubt, just wait 3 days after your procedure and you should be fine – if a derma roller longer than 1.5mm was used, you definitely should wait more than 72 hours.


Is it OK to use a Hyaluronic Acid Serum After Microneedling?

We would avoid using hyaluronic acid serums after microneedling as it may cause your skin to dry out even more. During a micro needling treatment, tiny channels into your skin are opened up which can lead to moisture loss, and hyaluronic acid can increase this.


Tell Me About Microneedling Aftercare Makeup

If you can, you should avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours after your treatment.

Makeup can block your pores and increase the chance of infection. However, if you need to apply makeup for whatever reason, try to keep it as minimal as possible.


Is There a Problem With Drinking Alcohol After Microneedling?

There isn’t really a timeframe for when you can start drinking alcohol again after microneedling, but we’d normally recommend waiting a day or two.

Alcohol is a vasodilator that can make your skin even redder than the micro needling did. In the rare case, you start feeling dizzy drinking alcohol after micro needling, you should contact a health professional.


Can I do a Chemical Peel After Microneedling?

We would recommend avoiding chemical peels after microneedling, as these treatments – like microdermabrasion – create collagen in a more invasive way than microneedling.

Because they are so similar, it’s not good to do both treatments at the same time.

If you want to try both, it’s best to do one treatment at a time and wait to see what results you get before moving on to the next one. This way you can figure out which treatment works best for your skin.


How Soon After Microneedling Can I Dermaplane?

You should wait until your skin has finished healing before dermaplaning your skin after skin needling. Your skin is very sensitive and fragile so you wouldn’t want to overdo it with all the abrasive treatments.

What are The Rules With Tanning After Microneedling or Wearing Sunscreen?

After microneedling, your skin can get very sensitive so you should avoid excessive sun exposure for at least a week after your treatment – even longer if longer needles are used.

You should also avoid using sunscreen for the first 24 hours after your treatment. If you do need to go in the sun for whatever reason, you should use a zinc-based sunscreen that stays on the surface of the skin and blocks the sun's rays.



When you plan your microneedling treatment, you should also consider the aftercare involved. You should consider the different activities that you have planned and whether they could be damaging your skin.

If planned correctly, you can effectively look after your skin and enjoy fabulous results.

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