Rose Quartz Crystal Comb


The White Lotus Rose Quartz Crystal Comb part of our pure luxury crystal comb range:

  • Crystal Hair Combs: An age old tradition and ritual from the East, trending in our modern daily routine……
  • Lush Body and Locks: The benefits of using a rose quartz comb for your hair are two fold combining practicality and holistic crystal scalp and body stimulation (body combing)
  • Gua Sha comb: Originally called a Gua Sha comb traditionally used to stimulate acupressure points for silky hair, toned limbs and inner wellness
  • Luxury Crystal Combs: Hand Carved from individual Grade A natural Rose Quartz stones, you can be assured no two combs are the same and they are not chemically treated.
  • Divine Gift: Displayed in the gorgeous White Lotus, silk lined box, befitting such a designer gift.

If you have heard about about the White Lotus Quartz Crystal comb and are wondering how to use crystal hair and body combs- Look no further

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love and spirituality. It has been used for it’s energetic properties around the world in many different civilisations including in Ancient Egypt.

The stone itself is very tactile and super smooth enabling it to seamlessly flow through long or short hair.

Crystal luxury combs have always been used by the rich and powerful of the past that could afford these beautiful stones in order to make the daily grooming ritual simple yet beautiful.

This particular shaped comb is carved in the design of an ancient Jade Gua Sha comb that were frequently used by the nobility of Ancient China.


Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back thousands of years and has an unbroken history of use. The ancient Chinese believed that by using these crystal combs on the scalp and body, they can bring inner health and outer beauty .

The scalp in Traditional Chinese Medicine contains many meridians or acupuncture channels running vertically from the start of the hair line at the forehead to the base of the scalp above the neck.

The arms and legs have 6 main meridians running along them. By stimulating them they increase energy and blood flow and help tone the skin , great for cellulite or stretch marks.

For Body combing: Simply apply the organic stretch mark and cellulite serum and stroke in a circling motion up the body with the teeth end of the comb and then the smooth end.A ritual that is still practiced today in modern china is to comb your hair and then use the gua sha comb to stimulate directly these acupuncture points and meridians. The crystal is said to stimulate qi and blood flow and bring healthy blood to the face, skin and hair to ensure a beautiful complexion and shiny healthy locks and firm skin.This type of acupressure ritual is common in China.

Whether you choose to use the Rose Quartz comb holistically or just as an exquisitely beautiful comb, it will become a luxury hair treatment to be enjoyed by all regularly.


White Lotus is a multi award-winning skincare and tools range, crafted from BioActive ingredients and the finest ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free organic products.
The founders are not only qualified in pharmacology and the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but are also the creators of the first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia over 15 years ago.
When developing their products, they looked for traditional medicinal solutions that have been proven safe and effective for thousands of years. The entire brand is built on the foundations of expertise and knowledge.
Their products are loved by Bazaar, Glamour, Grazia and Elle magazine and have also been stocked in high end retailers from Harrods to Jemoli and Planet Organic. With over 3,500 positive customer reviews, everyone wants to get their hands on these products!
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