Small Facial Massage Cup


The cupping method has been made famous by actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and athletes such as Michael Phelps. Whether it is on the face or other areas of the body, cupping does a fabulous job in improving skin health and reducing signs of aging like sagging of skin.

Ease of Usage:The White Lotus Chinese suction cup is really easy to use as you just need to squeeze and place the cup on the skin. They are available in 2 different sizes (sold individually), one for the face and one for other areas in the body like thighs. They are great for getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Simply select your preference (face or body)

Durable:Made of high quality silicon, the massaging cups are strong and have a lifetime guarantee, so you can safely use it at home. Unlike glass cups, they don’t need a live flame nor do they get chipped for cracked, so your skin won’t get damaged. White Lotus Chinese cupping kit is an improvement from those made of plastic
with an attached pump, which makes the process tedious and inconsistent. Moreover, they are easily breakable.

Lovely Gift:The facial massage cup along with the stretch marks massager is delivered in a gift box with a silk storage bag, which is perfect for gifting to someone.
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Note: To ensure your skin gets the best care,as they target the all-round development of your skin make sure you get the organic green tea face oil sstretch mark and cellulite serum which is used when cupping for cellulite

  • Ancient Therapy – Cupping massage has been used for over 1000 years in China. It not only soothes the skin, but also enhances skin tone and texture, which is why it is a very popular beauty treatment even today.
  • High Quality – Made of premium grade silicon, the massaging cups are ideal for regular use at home. Squeeze and place the cups on the skin. This action automatically creates a vacuum by sucking out the air.The White Lotus cups have are guaranteed for a lifetime.
  • Effective – The suction cups not only breaks up tight connective tissue that is one of the signs of aging, but also boosts circulation, which gives your skin a more youthful appearance. Removes cellulite and stretch marks as well.
  • 2 Sizes (Sold Seperately) – Smaller cup is to be used on the face by sliding gently, while the larger ones can be used either moving or stationary on the thighs.
  • Instructions Included – No need to spend time figuring out how to conduct the cupping process as a set of instructions are packed in with the Chinese cupping set.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – with normal usage!


White Lotus is a multi award-winning skincare and tools range, crafted from BioActive ingredients and the finest ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free organic products.
The founders are not only qualified in pharmacology and the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but are also the creators of the first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia over 15 years ago.
When developing their products, they looked for traditional medicinal solutions that have been proven safe and effective for thousands of years. The entire brand is built on the foundations of expertise and knowledge.
Their products are loved by Bazaar, Glamour, Grazia and Elle magazine and have also been stocked in high end retailers from Harrods to Jemoli and Planet Organic. With over 3,500 positive customer reviews, everyone wants to get their hands on these products!
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