SOS Scalp Brush / Scalp Exfoliator

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Stimulating the hair follicle, massaging the scalp enhances healthy growth and could lead the way to waist length. With a simple weekly head massage, this tool can help you to improve your scalp’s health.

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Scalp exfoliation encourages growth and promotes hair health. You can achieve this with the SOS Hair Care Scalp Massager, which is shaped for easy grip and effortless use. As you move the massager over the scalp in circular motions, you encourage circulation. This is the key to long, healthy hair. Impurities and dead skin cells build up on the scalp, this can be irritating for the skin, leading to scratching and redness.

Flexible and soft to touch, the bristles have been carefully constructed for the utmost effectiveness, while remaining gentle on sensitive skin. Good for the scalp and great for the mind, this ritual soothes the head, helping you to relax and enjoy a luxurious experience. Ideal for both foaming and non-foaming shampoos, this innovative tool will take your hair care routine to the next level.

Key Points:

It helps to clean and scrub exfoliate dirt when your wash hair.

Soft brush head massages head and promotes the blood circulation.

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