White Lotus Crystal Facial – How To Guide

Step 1- Using the Activated Jade and the Tourmaline Crystal Serum

1. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin.
2. Use between 4 and 5 pumps of the crystal serum, pumping it onto your hands.
3. It’s important that you gently massage the crystal serum into the skin using the direction of upwards and outwards.
4. After your skin has been evenly covered with the serum, you can now use the jade roller to massage the serum deeper into your skin.

Step 2- Using Your Roller (Jade or Crystal)

5. Begin by using the roller on the right side of your face, then move onto the left-side repeating the same motion.
6. Using long, smooth strokes, you should start on your throat and then roll gently upwards from your neck and chin, doing this for about 5-10 times.
7. From your chin line, begin to roll out along your jawline.
8. Slowly start moving upwards, ensuring that you roll your entire cheek in an outwards motion.
9. Starting from the edge of your nose, gently roll laterally underneath your eyes.
10. After this, start rolling upwards across your cheek.
11. Starting from the lateral corner of your eyes, roll the crystal roller across crow’s feet.
12. Starting from the center of your forehead, begin to roll the roller outwards in a lateral motion.
13. Starting at the tip of your nose, begin rolling upwards to your hairline.
14. Continue this upwards rolling motion across your entire forehead.
15. After you have completed all of this rolling, the crystal serum you had on your skin will be completely absorbed so it isn’t necessary to cleanse your face before moving on.

Step 3- Using Facial Oil Made from Organic Green Tea

16. You can now apply the green tea facial oil on your skin.
17. Use about a ½ dropper and place it directly on your hands.
18. Start by rubbing your hands together, then you can massage the green tea oil into your skin using an upwards and outwards motion.
19. This oil was specifically designed to be absorbed at a slower rate, so a small amount remains to allow the gua sha to smoothly glide across your skin.

Step 4- Using the Crystal Gua Sha

20. It’s important to always start on the right side of your face since this is how energy is believed to flow in ancient traditions.
21. Begin by using the point of the gua sha to stroke up your face, flowing in straight lines starting from up your chin and moving outwards over your cheeks.
22. Next, start stroking upwards and outwards over this area again, this time using a zig-zag motion rather than straight lines.
23. Begin using the side of the gua sha known as the “fish tail” to stroke up your jawline, ensuring that it softly cradles your jawline as you move it.
24. Take the long, curved side of the gua sha comb to gently stroke from the side of the nose to below the eyes, moving across and outwards.
25. Again, take the long, curved side of the comb to gently stroke the temples using an outwards and upwards motion across your temples.
26. Continue using the long, curved side of the comb to stroke from the center of the forehead outwards. Start gradually repeating this process as you move up your forehead.
27. Repeat this same exact process on the left side of your face.
28. If you have problem wrinkles, it can be a good idea to target them by stretching out your skin on either side of the wrinkle, then start massaging along your wrinkle in a zig-zag motion with the gua sha’s pointy end. The purpose of this is to offer stronger circulation to the wrinkle’s base.
29. In order to finish your massage, put the gua sha’s pointy end in the ear’s depression. Begin gently stroking up and around your ear, then back down your neck. This was the process traditionally used for draining any toxins that may have accumulated in your skin during the massage.

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